Kickstart Your New Life!

It’s been said the older you are the harder it is to reinvent yourself. The whole “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” mentality. Well what if you aren’t reinventing yourself? What if you are just finally finding yourself? Hate to tell you but, the answer is still the same — it’s hella hard!

This year, for many reasons, I decided to take the leap. I decided to stop trying to fit into the mold that the world and I created for myself and was ready to find out who I really was. Fear is what drives all people over 30 to NOT follow their gut. It’s completely understandable as well. I mean most folks over 30 (or in my case over 35) have created, or have started to create the adult foundation. That means you now have responsibilities that you can’t get out of and that will stop you from taking the big risks– like starting your career over. Money and family are the biggest reasons of all. Having children, you are responsible for, a spouse, a parent, a mortgage, a car payment. This is adult life. The more responsibilities you take on the more you have to put yourself last.  Keep on reading!