An old-school survey to let you  know what I’m all about


  • Single, Married, shacking up

My friends say I have a “pho-husband”– basically I’ve been shacking up with my soulmate for more than 3 years

  • Kiddos

A dedicated Tia (aunt) and mentor

  • Pets

I’m a rescuer not a buyer– first off! Currently I only have my 18 year old tortoise by my side


But I have rescued water turtles– when they got too big I donated them to rescue a center


Then there was my special baby. My adopted pit bull that passed at the old doggy age of 16.


  • Gay, Straight, other

Pretty straight but you never know what the future will hold

  • Race


  • Language (s)

English, Spanish & Spanglish

  • Religion

Catholic by tradition but a spiritualist by practice


  • A crew, VIP, just me & my bestie

When I was really little it was always just me & my bestie. When I was in my 20s-30s it was all about my crew. Now… I have an awesome mini group that I call my VIPs. My ride or die people!

  • Tattoos, piercings and dye jobs

In my years I’ve had a: nose ring and an eyebrow ring (ears too duh). I have also had black, blue and purple hair. Tattoos– I love them and soon I will have more.

InstagramCapture_705ae2df-2b6b-4fc8-9d7a-2e92669728af_jpg 2016-03-24 12.32.18

  • Job

I spent over 12 years fighting for injustice (or trying) through the public sector (government & nonprofits). My uniform was suits and a bun. All I wanted was to help those who needed it– the invisible people who needed to be seen. The further I got up the ladder the further away I got from the community itself. So, I recently stepped away from the suit world to try to help communities through education and  information. This transition is a blog in itself!


  • Youngest, oldest, solo kid

Always the baby

  • Family

My everything! My siblings are my limbs. My parents were made up of more than just my mom and dad but of Abuelas and Tias and Tios! Up until very recently we all lived very close by, but as we are forced to grow up life takes on different journeys. So now my family is up and down the east coast and PR.

  • Born & raised
Shaolin baby!
  • Educated

In life and in the university

What matters to me

  • Causes near my heart

All injustice. Injustice to man, woman, animal, nature,religion, country!

  • Biggest pet peeve

Hatred. I can handle open minded ignorance (not knowing any better but willing to learn) but blind ignorance— it’s what makes me want to fight!

An example of hatred and blind ignorance
  • Politically speaking

A strong liberal! I pick democrat for primary voting reasons— but I don’t belong in a box unless that box is liberal!







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