Comedic Celebrity Community Hero At It Again

Stephen Colbert being his awesome self visiting troops & civilians in Baghdad, Iraq in 2009

The day I heard The Colbert Report was ending my heart cried –My heart had a full on melt down when Jon Stewart left Daily show but today we are talking about Mr. Colbert. Stephen Colbert changed television- he changed news. He successfully created an alter ego that embedded everything he DIDN’T believe in and used his character as a tool to show America how ignorant, hateful and straight ridiculous politics and people can be.

I remember seeing him have the most conservative, anti-equality guests on his show and how they would quiver in their seats. You could see the fear on their faces– not because Stephen was going to argue with them- -oh no– but because of the sarcastic and extreme nature of his character he would force the guests to face their own ugly truth. Repeating their words back to them but without the political correctness. He is a brave, comedic warrior who shined the light on the injustice and corrupt nature of politics in our country through humor and exaggerated sarcasm that no one could deny.

When he left the The Colbert Report to be an amazing host of the Late Show I was scared that we would lose our political hero and he would become just another hilarious host who lightly pokes at the news but is really there to find out what new album Beyoncé shocked us this with this week. Man was I wrong. Yet again Colbert changed TV. If you have not watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you really should. He still makes his guests uncomfortable and has made late night TV not just about dances and celebrities pushing a new movie; but again he asks the American people to face the truth through his comedic genius.

What is amazing about Stephen Colbert, besides revolutionizing television, is his passion on making a difference. He has always gone above and beyond, proving that those in power really could save our country if they wanted to.

Today, I found an article on the that was posted on May 7th of 2015. The article put the largest smile on my face.

According to the article, with the help of Share Fair Nation and ScanSource, Stephen Colbert decided to award funds to 1000 grant projects requested by teachers in South Carolina from The projects were summed at $800,000! The state of South Carolina could not help their teachers, their children, their students. I’m sure the budget restrictions were going to something “more important”. Luckily the Comedic Celebrity Community hero, Stephen Colbert, believes in fair education and has an incredible love for his hometown of South Carolina.

From all the little people I say

Thank you Mr. Colbert—- you never cease to amazing us!!!





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