Spring Not In The City

I’ve been living in Maryland now for over 20 years. Born and raised in Staten Island, NY moving to Maryland as a teenager was a true culture shock. Now that I’ve spent more than half my life here the shock has truly worn off.  I’ll always love New York and  the amazing culture that only a true city  can provide. But I have to say, the beauty that I found  in Maryland  stole my heart completely.

First Sight of the Cherry Blossoms!

There was a time when living in the fast bright lights of the city were all that mattered to me. I even made sure to have a career that would keep me in DC so that I wouldn’t lose the little bit of city girl I had left. It seems it was too late though. Nature won me over. Truth is, I will take an entire day staring at trees and lakes before hitting the busy streets of a city.


Great Seneca Lake, Black Hill Park


Trees, lakes and animals are Maryland’s specialty! I spent my first day of spring at Great Seneca Lake in Black Hills Park in Germantown, MD. My new favorite serenity spot (AKA… my “breathing in solitude so I don’t hurt people” place). The hiking trail for this lakes is 10 miles long, going all the way to Boyds, MD.

I still have a strong love for the city. The diversity, the politics, the food the music! But spring in nature… that’s where it’s at!

Keep a look out for more pictures as the season keeps blooming!


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