Kickstart Your New Life!

It’s been said the older you are the harder it is to reinvent yourself. The whole “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” mentality. Well what if you aren’t reinventing yourself? What if you are just finally finding yourself? Hate to tell you but, the answer is still the same — it’s hella hard!

This year, for many reasons, I decided to take the leap. I decided to stop trying to fit into the mold that the world and I created for myself and was ready to find out who I really was. Fear is what drives all people over 30 to NOT follow their gut. It’s completely understandable as well. I mean most folks over 30 (or in my case over 35) have created, or have started to create the adult foundation. That means you now have responsibilities that you can’t get out of and that will stop you from taking the big risks– like starting your career over. Money and family are the biggest reasons of all. Having children, you are responsible for, a spouse, a parent, a mortgage, a car payment. This is adult life. The more responsibilities you take on the more you have to put yourself last. 

But you don’t have to. I’m surrounded by strong mothers who put themselves last every day. It’s amazing however, when I get to watch them with their 3 – 5 kids, single or married, taking the leap. Going back to school. Squeezing themselves into the first place position of their life; while making sure their family shared the same level of priority. My mother was one of those women.

I was lucky, so to speak. Not only was I, for lack of a better word, free from the parenting gig, I also found the perfect window of opportunity.  There is always a window if you are willing to look for it — we are usually just to paranoid and consumed with pressure to see it. So I took all the signs- hatred for my job, extra financial comfort and a supportive pillar- and I LEAPED.

I leaped so far and so out. I went from a 10-hour work day to having nowhere to go and nothing to do every day. I had so many ideas, so many “projects to conquer.” The first few weeks, however were like walking in cement. I couldn’t move. I was frozen and intimidated and the reality hit me— I left my life and now I have no choice but to start designing a new one.

It’s hard to start over on your own. You need motivation, a true support system. And some sort of plan on what to do next. There are some great resources out there that can help you get motivated.

One awesome resource I found was on this amazing website/blog called Career Contessa. The website released the The Working Woman’s Guide to an Empowered 2016. The guide offers a 5-day challenge to help you kick start your new career. Its creative and really helps you visualize where you want to be next and how to get there. If you are used to structure this will help!!



I can attest, it takes time to shake your brain and realize that you have left your sleepwalking life. Eventually though  you have to WAKE UP and take control of your decisions. So if you decided to start over, like I did, don’t get stuck! Just get up and START!



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