I’m Zette, Welcome to My World

It’s Zette

Welcome everyone to my world, I’m Zette!

Starting a blog has been a dream of mine ever since the oversharing became the norm and blogs became the new “newsletter.” Why did I want to start a blog? Well like most people over 35 trying to ride the continuously changing wave of technology, politics, love, relationships and fashion;  I basically have a rack of questions, opinions, and  experiences that I’d like to share.

So who is Zette? There is plenty I can share about myself– my background, my career, my relationship status, my family role, my height and favorite color (the last 2 would be really important for me to know before I followed your blog). I decided, however, that  the best way to explain who I am is to show my age and go pre-facebook by doing a game that was popular with my girls when My Space was all the rage (you will notice I’m awful at new slang so get used to hearing 90’s slang up in here!). You guessed it — a personal survey! Now your dying of curiosity right??  Just go to my About section  and try NOT to want to create of survey of your own.

What can you expect to hear or see on my blog? Like most women, I am not a single focused person and so my blog can not have  a single theme. I will be covering mad topics like: politics(boring but you have to vote so you might as well get some info); nature; love; crafting and social justice. Once a month I will spotlight a community program or neighborhood hero that has truly given back to their community. I will be accepting nominations!

An example of an incredible community program is  CASA (Multicultural Center). This is an amazing organization in the Washington, DC area who not only offers health care to those who need it but they offer free legal assistance to the undocumented community. Learn about more national organizations and local programs in my  Community Toolbox section!

Thanks again for stopping by– I hope to keep you  informed and amused!


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